The Water-Energy Nexus

The Water-Energy Nexus provides a sustainable, trans-boundary management solution for sharing water and energy between Jordan, Palestine and Israel, an area roughly half the size of the state of Victoria. It is also an efficient way to manage these resources, avoiding waste and duplication. Greater interdependence between Jordan, Palestine and Israel has the potential to be peacebuilding; as it leads to greater interdependency and cooperation.

In one possible scenario: 

Israel supplies Jordan with freshwater from the Sea of Galilee

Jordan installs solar power plants and provides energy for the region

Palestinian highlands complement energy needs with wind energy generation

The coastal regions of Israel and Gaza produce desalinated water

Undertaking such an endeavour would not be easy, and would require in-depth feasibility studies and the political will to proceed with such an integrated project. However, the benefits for the economy, conflict resolution and environmental protection would be exceptional.

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