Interactive Map of Auja Region

Remember to select the symbol in the top left corner.

The ‘Before’ category roughly defines a period of time before the late-1960s to early-1970s and the ‘After’ category represents the reality since that time. The ‘After’ category should also have the ‘Before category selected to demonstrate an accurate representation of the reality since the late-1960s/early-1970s.

Yitav, Omer, Mevo’ot and Na’ama are Jewish Settlements or Outposts.

Before 1967, the Bedouin community had a greater capacity to follow traditional nomadic routes, but their ability to move has been restricted since. 

With this map, I am hoping to highlight some the political dynamics that have emerged in the 20th century that have shaped Auja’s ability to use and manage natural resources in the area. 

Please let me know if there’s something on the map that doesn’t make sense.

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