Number 1

This is probably my fifth attempt at writing this post.

I’m often thinking about the breakdown of the planet’s biological processes and the potential for human brilliance to counter it.

Climate is such a complex beast, and it’s a topic that has reached saturation point.

I knew anything I put out on the Internet had to be entertaining, watertight and most importantly not be gloomy so that it resulted in despair and paralysis.

Life was sweet when I could read articles about climate without any anger, grief or fear.

But earlier this year amidst the pro-intersection blocking, anti-Swedish-schoolgirl climate discourse, I had to switch it all off. Twitter, Facebook, regular refreshes of the news—gone.

I had to avoid any article, especially ones like this. The final straw was waking up in the middle of the night, sitting up in bed convinced the world was on a path to ecological collapse (which it may well be)…

What I know is that the planet has around 30 years to reach net zero emissions and what we do over the next 10 years will dictate whether that’s achievable.

Zero emissions. As in, all power generation, all heavy industry, all transport pretty much has to go to zero emissions by 2050.

2050 seems like a long way away, but when you look 30 years back it’s all like…

The predicament ultimately leads you down a path of—“boy, I should find a secluded parcel of land, store a few weeks’ worth of drinking water and start collecting seeds…“

But as you fly down the highway at 110 kph, glance over at the passenger seat, and see nothing but a packet of tomato seeds, you realise you’re just gathering supplies for the toughest guy on the block.

After having a bit of time to chill out, I started writing down my thoughts and constructed an uncomplicated narrative of the problem and how it gets solved.

So, this is my fifth attempt at writing this post because there is no single post, it’s a story of problems, responses, and roadblocks.

And it begins here ↓

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