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Attitudes Towards Paying for Water

CENTRAL AMERICA: Water as a ‘Divine Gift’ | Inter Press Service (Although Central America, it touches on themes I have experienced in Palestine)

People’s attitudes towards paying for water

Peoples attitudes towards paying for water and sanitation

Auja EcoCenter

HOMEBIOGAS Israel (We have a Biogas station outside the Center. It runs on organic waste, generates fuel for the kitchen gas-cooker and produces a byproduct that can be used as fertiliser)

Auja Eco Centre provides some relief for Palestinians gasping for water in the Jordan Valley

Auja EcoCenter


A public statement by MA’AN and other 41 Palestinian and international organizations (Relating to removal of Bedouins from Area C)

Sulha | Wi’am 

The Environment-Conflict Nexus: Developing Consensus on Theory and Methodology

The political ecology of war: natural resources and armed conflicts

Environmental Peacemaking Resources

From Environmental Peacemaking to Environmental Peacekeeping | Wilson Center

Elements Dictating the Future of the Peace Process

Declaration on Principles for Cooperation on Water


Secretary John Kerry’s Speech – 28 December 2016

Overview of Australia’s aid program to the Palestinian Territories – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Israeli Perspectives

Selected Yasser Arafat quotes 

Israeli Water Authority Perspective on Palestinian water 

Perspective of Orthodox Jewish settler living in the West Bank

The Jordan Option

Does it make sense for Jordan & Egypt to annex Gaza and the West Bank?

Is Jordan a Palestinian State?

Palestinian Governance

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Internal Challenges on the Road to Peace

The Internal Israeli-Palestinian Conflicts: Continuity and Change in Domestic Politics

Panama Papers: Leaks Reveal Abbas’ Son’s $1m Holding in Company With Ties to Palestinian Authority



Maps | B’Tselem

Maps of Palestine – ARIJ



Arava Institute for Environmental Studies | The premier environmental studies and research program in the Middle East

House of Water and Environment

Israel and the Palestinian Territories | United States Institute of Peace

Obeidi – Role of Palestinian NGOs

The Applied Research Institute Jerusalem – Water & Environment Department


For many Palestinians, Israel settlement work the only option | Reuters


A West Bank water crisis for Palestinians only

The Israeli ‘Watergate’ Scandal: The Facts About Palestinian Water

Al Auja spring, a Palestinian dried up source of life – Jordan Valley Solidarity

Freshwater Pollution in Israel-Palestine and Policy |

التوعية المجتمعية لمشروع الصرف الصحي تياسير/عقابا/طوباس – YouTube (YouTube video on Jericho’s wastewater treatment plant, an important step in the right direction for the region. English subtitles)

Water deal reached between Israel and Palestinians (Significant development that paves the way for a new water agreement)


Water supply and sanitation in the Palestinian territories – Wikipedia

Palestinian Peace Projects – Wikipedia

Greater Israel – Wikipedia

Israeli–Palestinian conflict (Simple English)


Jericho climate

Reddit – Palestine Truth and Propaganda

What do Palestinians Want? 

The West Bank has become Israel’s garbage can

Palestinian family saves Israeli lives in nighttime bus crash

Corey Gil-Shuster – YouTube Channel that explores opinions of everyday Israelis and Palestinians